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When Xia Qianxi went to pull the car door, she also found that she could not open it at all, and the psychological side suddenly became more angry, but also because of the psychological anger, diluted a lot of that kind of sadness, she transferred all her anger to Xing Tianji's body, and stared at him mercilessly all the time! Can't take your eyes off it! "Xia Qianxi, I don't know, I'm so attractive to you!" “…… What do you mean "If I'm not charming, why do you keep staring at me like that?" "Get out!" Is he blind? Staring at him is not clear. Does she still need to teach him well? "Xia Qianxi, you are a woman, remember to be a little bit of a lady!" I don't want you to care, you think. Ah, owe.. Who do you think you are? "What's the matter?"? Not feeling well? Originally wanted to continue to bicker with her, divert her attention, but after hearing her sneeze, he immediately gave her a little attention, and the big hand did not shy away from climbing up Xia Qianxi's head, but was suddenly opened by Xia Qianxi! "None of your business!" Her voice was cold, colder than her body, colder than her heart. Oh, what was wrong with her? Although is not a very outstanding person, but at least is also a person who can hide the worry? "Cut, you think I want to manage you, young lady, don't pretend to be strong in front of me, what's the use of you trying to be brave on my side?"? Running out of the house so late, wearing a thin dress so late, tut,Coil nail machine, Xia Qianxi, no one is a fool! This dead wench really does not see the coffin not to cry, originally also wants not to say as does not know, but looks at her like this really owes to smoke, even has a little. A little reluctant! Should cry to cry, do not need to endure in front of him, he does not like the woman around him, to hide their emotions, especially her, the only one who did not take to bed, but has always remembered the woman! 6 He dumped a lot of women. “…… Shut up,Nail machine manufacturer, shut up, you shut up! "What's the matter?"? Tread on a sore spot? Xia Qianxi, remember, even if I really step on your sore spot, you have to be strong, when you marry Zuo Fengyi, you should think of it, shouldn't you? "What do you mean?" Obviously want to fall out, obviously do not want to say a word to him, but suddenly heard him say this sentence, she still can not help but ask one more! "What do you mean?"? When you married him, didn't you think about the way you would live in the future? "I don't know what you're talking about." Damn it, why does it feel like the head is getting heavier? Must be thinking too much, it must be! Do you really not understand? Or do you refuse to think about it? Xia Qianxi, the first time I saw you, although you seemed to be very unpromising, but there was light in your eyes that ordinary people could not see. You are not really a fool, are you? So why do you rest on your laurels every time? Why don't you want to think more about the outcome of things? This world is like this, some people naturally like to play dumb, want to live in peace of mind, Nail machine supplier ,nail manufacturing machine, no worries, and Xia Qianxi is this kind of person! Unlike people who use their brains, many things will live in the false world constructed by themselves, unwilling to really face the reality. "Xing Tianji, that's enough!"! Don't think you are qualified to judge other people's marriage! How much better do you think you are? "Haha, yes, I am really not qualified to comment, but I still hope you understand, Xia Qianxi, Zuo Fengyi and the people in your previous life circle are two kinds of people, tonight Zuo Fengyi may have done something that you can't forgive?"? What's going on? Cheating? Or did you pick up a woman directly in front of you? If so, I advise you to get used to it as early as possible. Speaking of this, Xing Tianji's face, can not help but float a sneer, a mockery! Yes, Xia Qianxi is not wrong, his reputation is really not very good, he is a playboy, he has many women, he dumped many women, everything seems to be negative news. 7 Trust him so much? Where is the left maple wing? How much better is Zuo Fengyi than him? No, in fact, Zuo Fengyi and he are the same kind of people, but Zuo Fengyi is much smarter than him, generally stealing food, in front of people, are women seduced him, and finally even seem to be women left first! In front of the woman, the two of them formed a contrast, he is a man who is cruel to women, but Zuo Fengyi is not, he will not break up with women, the opportunity to break up is left to women. This man is a fox! Ha, no wonder, no wonder this Xia Qianxi. "Xing Tianji, I am willing to listen to you, does not mean that you can easily slander him in front of me, he is not, he is not that kind of person!" Shaking her head fiercely, she found that everything in front of her was shaking and dizzy, so she quickly held her head in her hand and skillfully concealed her discomfort in front of Xing Tianji! "Tut, women just like to deceive themselves and others. To be honest, Xia Qianxi, I began to doubt how the wedding between you and Zuo Fengyi could happen. How could a man like Zuo Fengyi marry a woman like you?"? And are you sure you have feelings with Zuo Fengyi? You disappeared for so long, it seems that he didn't look for you, did he? Strike, these words for Xia Qianxi, nothing more than a blow, yes, damn, she came out for so long, but he still did not come to her, right? No, why would he come? Is he lying in the arms of QUEEN now? Did you forget her? When her lips also raised a sarcastic smile, when her psychological side began to gradually full of bitterness, when the sad discovery, left maple wing in her psychological status, as if it is not just like so simple? A crystal clear tear fell from the corner of her eye, and she closed her eyes feebly, because she found that she could not find any words to refute what Xing Tianji said, because what Xing Tianji said was true. The head seems to be more serious, so dizzy, well,Automatic Nail Making Machine, let her be a little capricious, let her have a little rest, OK? "Xia Qianxi?"? Xia Qianxi? 。


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