Quick and easy healthy breakfast!


Welcome back to "that so me.com".

just a quickie because, I decided that my New Year's

resolution this year was not to go without more food

or starve myself was actually to

try and feed myself because I'm

so busy feeding my kids all the time and dogs and cats and everything else,

but I don't actually do very much for myself.

And I find it really hard, get down not on the table disgusting.

I find it very hard to do something different

for myself because I'm just cooking

for kids all the time and they don't eat the same things

and I sometimes think it'd be nice to have some herbs and spices that perhaps they won't eat.

So I'm doing something which is quick and easy for breakfast.

Everybody talks about overnight oats,

and this isn't an overnight thing

but I make a batch and then I have every morning I could put it in my bag rush

and then I eat it when I get to work because we never have any time.... anyway.

it's about a 180g of just normal rolled oats with

600 milliliters of boiling water just pour that

in so far easy,

then I'll get a spoon... you didn't notice.

I didn't get a spoon,