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Quick and easy healthy breakfast!


Welcome back to "that so".

just a quickie because, I decided that my New Year's

resolution this year was not to go without more food

or starve myself was actually to

try and feed myself because I'm

so busy feeding my kids all the time and dogs and cats and everything else,

but I don't actually do very much for myself.

And I find it really hard, get down not on the table disgusting.

I find it very hard to do something different

for myself because I'm just cooking

for kids all the time and they don't eat the same things

and I sometimes think it'd be nice to have some herbs and spices that perhaps they won't eat.

So I'm doing something which is quick and easy for breakfast.

Everybody talks about overnight oats,

and this isn't an overnight thing

but I make a batch and then I have every morning I could put it in my bag rush

and then I eat it when I get to work because we never have any time.... anyway.

it's about a 180g of just normal rolled oats with

600 milliliters of boiling water just pour that

in so far easy,

then I'll get a spoon... you didn't notice.

I didn't get a spoon,



so then quick stir and then that will just kind of keep soaking in to those oats then to

that you add this is about 40 grams of chopped up dates.

So just bought dates without stones in chopped up 40 grams is about

five dates is about 40 grams something like that.

So then just mix those in and then now we're all talking about proteins.

See I think if you made this with quinoa,

it would actually be much more protein based and not so many carbs,

but actually I don't think carbs are bad thing for the morning because of you.

We just need the energy so I've used oats but I might try another one another time with quinoa.

So yeah,

it works out about 270 calories per pot.

So this will make enough for Every day of the week so five days,

then we use 75 grams of crunchy peanut butter.


we all know that peanut butter is good for protein.

It's got quite a lot of fat but that's not the bad thing anymore.

You know,

I'm especially when you're trying to rush around

and do as many different things everyday, work, look after kids all the rest of it.

So there we go,

75 grams of peanut butter give it another little mix.

I already see it starting to thicken up just mix that peanut butter all in

and not just in one big Clump.

And so that water is already soaking into the oats

and that's already starting to thicken up and that almost it - it's the simplest thing.

But there you see that's still quite

warm and what you then have to do is leave that to cool down which probably take about 10-15 minutes

and then you can add plain bio yogurt about 240 grams,

but I actually tried to do the vegan thing to

so I'm going with Alpro which is the soy-based plant thing alternative to yogurt

and milk and I'm using the one with coconut

and you put this whole pot is 500 grams to just about half of it 240 grams.

Once that's cooled down.

You just add that into their mix it all up and separate it into five different pots.

Put it in the fridge, Breakfast for a week.... done.

Don't forget to subscribe please I'll show you close-up come around.

You see rolled oats all very tasty, smells delicious, bit of a product endorsement here,

but there we go.

That's what I'm using.

you can use any other one that you like

and so yes,

please do not forget to subscribe and hopefully we'll see you again "that so"

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