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Age - let's just forget the number

Friends of all ages…….

I think it’s funny, ignorant and foolish, but amusing that Yann Moix, the French author, who said that he is incapable, at 50, of loving a woman of 50, and that, women in their fifties are invisible. Let’s reinforce a problem society already has with ageing women. (hmm see below!)

Not only that, it’s a very narrow minded view of life and society. Surely learning things from different people of all ages, classes, ethnicity etc is the key to stretching and opening our minds. Otherwise, predictability and boring comes to mind.

Are women in their fifties really invisible…….

Firstly I don’t define myself by my age, but how I feel. I still feel like in my thirties. not all 50 year olds have terrible bodies, or even look their age, let alone act it. Haven’t millennials (people born between 1981 and 1996) been described as “the burnout generation”? That leaves 50 somethings in a pretty cool position.

Learning from other people………

My father-in-law (70s) plays golf with my husband’s friends (40s). Learning from your elders and keeping one younger are familiar phrases that can ring true, if we have friends of all ages. I have a 30 something friend, whose marriage has broken down. Having been through a divorce, I have imparted my experience to her, and she often says talking to me helps her.

I’m getting to know a 28 year old male colleague, who’s online dating, something I’ve never used, not that it was around in my day, and whilst I may never use it, I’ve learnt something new. Isn’t it nice learning something new from someone rather than reading about it?

I’m very close to my 24 year old niece – I now know how to use Find Friends, interesting people to follow on Instagram, been given up-to-date make-up tips, and learning modern day slang, like ‘peng’! At least if my 14-year-old daughter comes out with it, I’ll know what it means and I might just impress a teenager.

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