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The changing face of television

Do you have to beg your children to sit down and watch the television with you? Or are you more likely to watch a movie together on a streaming service like Amazon Prime or Netflix?

Television as we knew has changed! Growing up, our Saturday night was a packet of crisps and a glass of lemonade watching a TV programme together as a family, but the latest research shows that children have to be forced to sit and watch a television programme together. The rise of streaming services and social media channels such as YouTube have captivated us with the immediacy, the rawness and the convenience.

According to an annual survey by research agency Childwise, children aged five to 16 now spend more time online than they do watching conventional television: three hours online compared with 2.1 hours watching television.

Plugging yourself into a stream of funny videos or ‘how to’ life hacks are the most addictive, with half of all five to 16 year olds logging in on a daily basis.

But is it such a bad thing? Personally, I love the freedom, we don't have to watch ads and we get to watch what we want to when we want to, in fact, its and incentive in our house, do something outstanding and you'll be the one to choose the Friday movie! Sometimes even I get the chance to choose :)

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