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Mum - the taxi driver

Did you know, most parents spend equivalent of one day per week, as a taxi service for their children, in fact, if you think about it being the Mum Taxi is a part time job - on top of all the other unpaid work we do each week - I know, we get paid in love and kisses and of course all of our children say thank you Mummy!!!

In a recent survey of parents whose children are aged between 6 and 17, it was revealed that 38% of parents spend over 5 hours per week taxiing their kids around, with some crazy people spending 10 hours on taxi duty.

So how do you make that time work for you? These are my tips for turning your boring taxi driver shifts into something more productive - and that doesn't mean going for another coffee while you are waiting for you child to finish their respective clubs or activities!

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