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The power of women

It's crazy that when we get past a certain age, women begin to feel invisible.

And numerous surveys and reports back up this statement, some say we begin to feel invisible at 40, some say 50, but the reasons all seem to be the same. We are so busy juggling our families and our careers, what's left of them after our employers have side lined us following maternity leave, that we seem to disappear as individuals, our confidence takes a knock and we feel stuck not having the time or the energy to change the status quo.

Only last week, whilst I was wearing a bright red coat and standing quite clearly waiting for a tube train, a man walked straight into me, not just a little tap or brush, but full on ploughed into me - like I was a glass door that he had simply not seen. I would have brushed it off as a one off, but that's happened a number of times since I my age started with a 4!

But we should feel at our most powerful at this age, media companies and businesses are literally tying themselves up in knots trying to appeal to our demographic - and why? because we spend money, we buy things for our children, our homes and our selves, we love luxury and will save up to buy premium ticket items because we know the value of quality - all the things businesses look for in customers.

So I am here to say, we as women need to stop feeling invisible and own our power.

And to any of the business out there, who don't know how to captivate us as an audience, here's the analytics for That's So Me! and I'm happy to consult with you on how to make changes in your company to start appealing to the very audience you need and have so long overlooked!

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