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Take a minute for yourself..

Looking after your career, your children and your home certainly takes it's toll on your well being, but making sure you take a little time for yourself is more important than ever.

Over work and stress is causing more women to feel undervalued, worthless and incapable - the opposite of what is real. You are most capable and valuable and you need to remember that.

Women take on the lions share of the housework and the childcare, and if you're a single Mum, then you're doing all of it. Add to that the pressures of work and you will easily be working more than 55 hours per week, which is the tipping point for stress and symptoms of depression. That's according to a new report by Dr Gill Weston, lead author of the UCL and Queen Mary University of London study.

The report is calling for more support in the workplace, but here at So Me, we say, value yourself and make sure you find time to decompress from your day, seek help when you need it and talk to your friends and family, you are not alone!

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