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Rethink the Rainbow

When we were told to stay at home, work from home if we can and only go out for essential shopping or to exercise once a day, many of us suddenly had more time on our hands.

In between home schooling and clearing out cupboards, trying new recipes and setting about following online exercise classes, it gave people more time to think about their lives and for some, how they could use their skills to help others.

Emily 'Madge' Payne is a children's author, she published her latest book, Inner Buddy last year, a book that helps children deal with their anxiety and offers techniques to help. Having suffered from anxiety herself, she knew how important it was to spread the message on mental health.

As lockdown took hold, Emily saw how the experience was affecting the children close to her, her godson suffering from anxiety became agoraphobic and her god daughter began self-harming. She wanted to use her skills to help and the idea of Rethink the Rainbow evolved. Calling on the help of project manager Samantha Maeer, the two women set about creating a collection of poems, stories and images to help children through the lockdown and beyond. 100% of the proceeds go to a variety of children's mental health charities.

The book can be ordered online at

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