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Setting up your business in lockdown

With Government bailouts to nearly all sectors of business, there are many who are literally surviving the Coronavirus pandemic by the skin of their teeth. But even though there has been support for employees and grants for small businesses, many startups just aren't provided for.

A recent survey looking at the small business sector warns that almost a fifth of small to medium sized enterprises could collapse.

But with people in lockdown in their homes, more are going online and relying on digital channels to shop, work and entertain themselves, which means tech firms are doing pretty well in comparison to most.

But think how you would feel if you'd just decided now was the right time to give up that corporate job and go it alone. It's hard enough to work remotely when you know the people you will be linking up to remotely over zoom or microsoft teams, but what if you have to pitch for new business right in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown?

Shavaun Glen started up her communications business in January, this is her story.

Shauvaun Glen, Seen & Heard Communications

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