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Work and kids - all under one roof!

Life in lockdown...we all have some story to tell on how we're managing under the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, but sometimes we need reminding just how lucky we are. Juggling work and home schooling can be a challenge, with technology, kids and partners on some kind of online class or video meeting in every room in the house! But add into the mix a child with special needs and then the challenge jumps to a whole new level.

While for many, the reality of working from home equates to comfy clothes, home cooked lunch and no commute, the reality of having to juggle work commitments and a hectic family life can be daunting. It can be easy for work to seep into home life, but now, more than ever, mastering a work-life balance is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for mind and body and to try to fully enjoy this precious time you have in lockdown as a family.

Here's Tova Gillespie's guide to surviving lockdown with her family.

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